Antistatic ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Woven and Knitted Fabrics

Antistatic Fabric Esd Fabric     

Antistatic fabric and esd fabric are fabrics that aim to protect against static electricity. Antistatic fabrics and esd fabrics must be used in production and logistics areas where static electricity is important.

Antistatic fabrics are antistatic fabrics and esd fabricsthat we produce with cotton, Cotton polyester, Polyester, nylon (polyamide) and conductive bicomponent carbon yarns.

Our fabrics are produced in accordance with EN 1149 and EN 61340 European Union standards.

According to the area of ​​use, our antistatic and esd fabrics are tested and approved. Fabrics that do not pass the En 1149 Antistatic test cannot be included in the product range. All of our Esd fabrics and antistatic fabrics are quality products that have also been qualified from performance tests.

The threads we use in our antistatic fabrics are carbon threads produced with special bicomponent technology. It does not lose its properties throughout the life of the fabric. They do not lose their antistatic fabric properties after repeated washings.

ESD Antistatic Fabric Quality

In addition, special combed compact fibers are selected for other fibers. Our antistatic esd fabrics also provide features such as strength, flexibility, breathability, non-particle formation, resistance to acids, depending on the area of ​​use.

Our antistatic esd fabrics also have anti-acid fabric, chemical-proof fabric and bleach-proof production. Surface protected antistatic fabrics can be produced thanks to Teflon coating on fabric surfaces and flora carbon coatings.

We also apply Tpu, Pu, Ptfe membrane hot melt lamination to our antistatic esd fabrics. It is preferred in anti-static raincoats and coats.

Our products have passed 65 and above washing tests. They are suitable for industrial washing.

Our basic use antistatic esd fabrics are stocked with different colors in our stocks. All our fabrics are ready to be dyed, we have raw fabrics ready to dye. We dye quickly in the desired color. Antibacterial, antimicrobial, water repellent, oil repellent, blood repellant properties can be applied to our products.

In addition, we can produce antistatic fabrics with desired properties. We produce antistatic esd fabrics with the desired width, weight and properties in our own production line. We bring corporate solutions. Our indanthrene dyed fabrics are preferred in upper and lower sets.

Our antistatic esd fabrics are divided into knitting and weaving.

Our knitted esd and antistatic fabrics are available in pique, single jersey, rib, two yarn, three yarn, fleece and elastane knitted esd fabrics. It consists of cotton, cotton polyester, polyester and carbon blends. Different products can be produced in the desired feature and weight.

Our woven esd and antistatic fabrics are available with esd apron fabric, upper suit, dyeer overalls, esd fabric types. It consists of cotton, cotton polyester, polyester and carbon mixtures. Different products can be produced in the desired feature and weight.

You can visit our site for Micron Teknik Tekstil – ESD Antistatic Woven and Knitted Fabric,  ESD Antistatic Work Clothes-Apron-T-shirt-Jacket-Overalls and similar products. You can contact us. 0-224-2495051

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